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Erica Jansson

United States -Massachusetts

Name: Erica Jansson
Grade: Any grade
Country: United States
State: Massachusetts
About: I’ve taught and tutored K-12 and college students in math, science, research writing, and study skills for over 25 years, both in the classroom and through hybrid and fully online schools. I have teaching credentials in California and Massachusetts in the life sciences, physical sciences, math, and chemistry, which I’ve used while teaching in both states. One of my favorite parts of teaching was writing innovative, hands-on science and math curriculum that would help bring difficult subjects, such as math and chemistry, alive for students. After retiring from classroom teaching in 2013 I became the curriculum and instruction coordinator for a non-profit virtual high school where I developed many innovative online courses for the school. In addition, I supervised over 60 online teachers to support their online instruction. Currently I’m tutoring students in math and science (through AP chemistry) and would be open to an in person pod south eastern Massachusetts.