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Isabella Gamez

United States -California

Name: Isabella Gamez
Grade: Any grade
Country: United States
State: California
About: I am a responsible college student and tutor/caregiver who loves children. For 2 years now, I have been a patient, enthusiastic, playful, and energetic Spanish tutor and have enjoyed every second of it! My goal is to make learning an enjoyable experience. In my regular Spanish classes; children will discover, develop, and grasp the Spanish language through multi-sensory, hands-on, kinesthetic experiences while building fun, memorable experiences that will allow Spanish language acquisition. As a curricular basis, I use specialized Spanish language system materials and music designed for the specific age of your children, among other materials that will trigger learning. Of course, this can all be modified depending on the student's learning goals and the parents' preferences. Being punctual and reliable is absolutely necessary when we are dealing with the most important part of the life of other people who are their kids. My Spanish is impeccable since I was born and raised in Mexico.

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