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Jean Balest

United States -California

Name: Jean Balest
Grade: Any grade
Country: United States
State: California
About: I have previously tutored in the Los Angeles area and taught film to at-risk youth for five years on a bus called the Mobile Film Classroom (' a 501C Nonprofit. I currently reside in the Alhambra area. I am open to in-person or virtual tutoring or a hybird to suit the family/student's needs. Here is a brief bio about me: Jean Balest is a cum laude graduate of USC School of Cinematic Arts, writer, director and activist. Her work has been featured on Independent Film Channel (IFC), Apple Newsroom and has played at the Directed By Women Festival in Brooklyn, NY and Independent Filmmakers Showcase in Los Angeles, CA. Jean's film, the documentary short LA BUENA MUERTE, was a mentorship project through Apple and Red Digital Cinema to highlight the democratization of film through technology. Her biopic project about Leni Riefenstahl was announced on the Hollywood Bitchlist 2019, a tracking board of the top female centric content yet to be produced in Hollywood. Jean is currently living in Los Angeles, CA supporting political campaigns for the 2020 US election cycle Here is a link to my short film produced by Apple: (Once you have linked to the article, you will find a hyperlink to my film 📽). I am extremely tech savvy, knowledgeable and can support students in the areas of English and the Humanities. I am available for an interview by phone or in person ASAP. My contact information is: Jean Balest E: Ph:562.900.6422 or 323.636.3102

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