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Stacia Kalinoski

United States -Minnesota

Name: Stacia Kalinoski
Grade: 1st
Country: United States
State: Minnesota
About: “What do you know about this?” “What do you think about this?” Those are questions I frequently asked elementary school students at the St. Louis Park elementary school I substitute taught full-time at in 2018/2019. The school district incorporates IB Curriculum, so I'm always encouraging students to be inquirers and active learners when introducing a new activity or lesson. I have a short-call teaching license from the State of Minnesota, and have been substitute teaching nearly full-time for four years in the St. Louis Park School District. In 2019/2020 I was the building substitute at the high school. K-4 is really my favorite group!! (The drop-down menu only gives one option, but I can tutor K-4.) I was asked to come back and substitute in the elementary school, but I would still love to tutor on the side as well, anytime after 3:30 M-F. Engaging is the best way to describe my teaching style. For a farm-to-table segment with kindergartners on sandwiches, cereal, and cookies, I drew images on the whiteboard, starting with wheat, and progressed from there while teaching the lesson. What do you know about wheat? Why do farmers plant seeds in the spring in Minnesota? What do you know about tractors? Combines? Why do farmers harvest in the fall? Tell me what's made out of wheat. Kids became more and more engaged as the lesson continued. For tutoring, there is so much we can do outside for literacy in September and October while it's still warm. I'm familiar with the literacy progression in elementary school, starting with sight words and simple sentences in kindergarten. A fun activity for any grade level is a scavenger hunt with leaves. Second graders, for example, start to learn more about writing paragraphs with supporting details and characters. Describing a beautiful leaf is a great prompt. I'm full of ideas, and hope you'll consider me as a tutor for one of your families. Sincerely, Stacia Kalinoski

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United States - Minnesota