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Stephen Rich

United States -Armed Forces Africa

Name: Stephen Rich
Grade: Any grade
Country: United States
State: Armed Forces Africa
About: Hello, I have fifteen years of classroom experience and am a leader in the field of Montessori education. My publications appear in "Tomorrow's Child" and "Montessori Leadership," and I've presented at multiple international conventions; the topics of which generally focus on story-telling and academic simulations. Besides these strengths, what students most appreciate about me is the respect I show them. I can share glowing references from former students, families, co-workers, and heads of school. I'm not interested in the pod model of supervising students receiving a virtual education. What I'm offering, instead, is an alternative to extended screen-time. I have the experience and accumulated materials to offer a complete package of education for groups of children ranging 8-14 years of age. Montessori education already incorporates a multi-age model of education; our pod would not suffer, but thrive on such diversity. Pod families must take Covid precautions seriously. I'm willing to relocate most anywhere on the East Coast or eastern Central, especially if room and board are provided. Please note that where this written description differs from the brief introductory stats provided, I ran up against limitations in the form we are given to fill in (I understand PodsMatch is a work in progress).